Thursday 9 July 2015

** BGCG NEWS BULLETIN ** **Issue 1**

Hi everyone, things have been happening in the gardens at a slowed pace recently, but fear not, people are still pottering away in the background to keep the flowers alive. Here's the latest news from Bernays Gardens.

** WATER **
We are still having water issues which we hope to work on with the council, but we are taking up tanks to fill the butts and the flowers are thriving with people regularly popping up to water them. Here's David with one of the butts in a trolley which he took home to fill up.

Mark has also regularly been popping up with big tanks and a lady who visits regularly waters when she brings her dog in. I'm sure there may be some secret waterers too, so thank you to everyone who is keeping our plants alive and popping in regularly to pick up litter. 


An anti-bullying group have been using the gardens for their meetings in the nice weather. I can't think of a better place to hold a summer outdoor meeting. It's good to get out of the office! Will be nice to see more local groups and businesses using it as the profile goes up. 


People have been using the poo bags and we haven't found any mess in the garden when we've been litter picking! Yay for responsible dog owners. We refilled the dispenser a couple of days ago too so there are plenty more bags for everyone.  


We are arranging a meeting to be held in the next couple of weeks, the date is to be confirmed but it will probably be on a weekday evening so that most people can attend after work. We will be discussing the longer term plans for the gardens, working with local groups, funding, council participation etc...

Everyone is welcome to come to these meetings, they are open to all. We will post details on the facebook group when we have a date, time and place


The fairies have been doing their fairy thing, keeping an eye on the gardens, sprinkling magic and leaving gifts. There is a new surprise being installed in the front area, but they aren't ready to reveal everything yet! It takes them quite a while to get their little wings flapping and flying all over the gardens.

Sadly some fairies are missing from their home under one of the central trees. We're not sure who felt the need to kidnap them, we are awaiting a ransom note but so far nobody has come forward. 

If you know anything about our missing fairies please contact us. We will try to meet kidnapper demands. The other fairies are quite upset. 


A new bird box was hung today near the entrance. Look out for it on the way in!


Can anyone tell us what this tree near the entrance is? We just aren't sure!

That's all for now then folks. You know where to find us, click any of the links on the right hand side, we're always on facebook chatting away. Come and join us! 

Little owl signing off.

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  1. What a lovely blog. I really enjoyed reading it. So full of fun and promise. Thank you for writing it.