Tuesday 30 June 2015

Stanmore Fun Day and Volunteering in the Gardens

On Sunday St John's Church had their fun day and we had our volunteer day running alongside it. Stuart opened the gates and people could come through the gardens to get to the fun day field, we would nab them on the way through and tell them all about our volunteering and try and get them involved. We think it may have worked! Lesley is fantastic at enticing people into the group and Mark charmed all the children with his fairy paraphernalia which he stole from the elves and fairies which have been appearing in spots around the garden. 

He also let some children choose and plant their own flowers, giving them a little sense of ownership and a want to come back with mum and dad and look after it. So sweet! 

The mayor of Harrow opened the Fun Day and we all prayed that the rain would stop so that more people would turn up. All the stalls looked so lovely waiting.

The church tower was open for people to go up and see the bells. I desperately wanted to go, so I snuck of for a little look while the others stayed back at the gardens keeping an eye on things.
The entrance was very narrow and the staircase incredibly steep, impossible to photograph with my camera. I climbed up the winding, worn stairs until I reached a room full of bell ringers. The whole society were there to talk us through how they work and tell us a bit of history. They meet every Thursday evening and anyone is welcome.

I climbed further up and they showed me the bells, these photographs don't do the sheer size and awesomeness of them justice. (I know awesomeness isn't a word but I like it! haha!)

Then we climbed further to the top, stepped out of the tiny door and all opened our mouths in awe as we took in this view of the surrounding areas. It was amazing and such a shame we didn't get a clearer day for it.
The old church looked amazing from up there. Just look!

I walked back down a few levels and they rang the bells. I'd like to say thank you to them for such a lovely 20 minutes. I have heard the bells from my house since I was a tiny child and it was quite an odd feeling seeing them and hearing them surround me in that room, the vibrations of them shaking the tower. A bit like meeting a celebrity you've seen on TV for years!

Anyway, I've been distracted here from the garden work but I wanted to cover the fun day because they were so lovely to let us share in their event, and really it was brilliant and this is about Stanmore. 

So back in the gardens, we put up some new signs about littering. A new notice board at the entrance where people are welcome to also put community notices. We swept and planted and gossiped with all of the locals who came through. 

We found a new fairy. She told us this is her favourite spot to watch over people in the garden and make sure they are having a lovely time. Try and spot her when you're next in there will you? Let us know if you have found her! 

The fairies we had found previously could be spotted sprinkling dust under a tree further in. The children just loved finding them there. 
We planted all varieties of newly donated plants. Thanks to Mark Brooker and Mark Maltby for donating flowers and also one of my lovely neighbours, we injected new colour into the freshly turned beds. (Mark B had spent so much time digging them in previous weeks)

I'd just like to finish up by saying thank you again to Stanmore Church for letting us share their day with them and to very one who came and engaged with us throughout the day. 

Annie (on behalf of the Bernays Gardens Community Group) 

*** If anyone has anymore photos from the day which you would like to see here on the blog, please email us at bernaysgardens@hotmail.com and we'll happily do another lovely photo blog post on here. ***

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  1. What a lovely "blog." The photographs and descriptions are so vivid that it's almost as if I'm reliving the day again. Thank you so much for all your hard work - planting; sweeping; taking photos; climbing; writing and being a fabulously ( not a word either...probably) warm & generous human being.